What to expect with beauty in the beast mobile dog grooming

So the big day has finally arrived for your pups first groom with beauty in the beast, but so many question, what to expect? should I of bought some shampoo? I forgot to mention I only have a shower! can Kim still groom my dog? YES SHE CAN!

On arrival I will be carrying in an array of items such as a grooming table and all my equipment, don't worry, it looks heavy but I'm a strong girl. it will take me moments to set up. I can groom your dog in any room you prefer, however ideally somewhere downstairs like a kitchen or where there is wooden flooring is more practical for cleaning up afterwards, however the choice is yours! i only ask that there is a plug socket in close proximity so I can plug my dryer in.

Once we are all set I like to get to know a bit about your dog, so history, health concerns, likes/dislikes and give them time to have a good sniff and get to know me, during this time you will be asked to read and sign a consent to groom form and we can talk styling.

No bathtub? No problem! I groom in all kinds of environment's, showers, sinks, wet rooms, even the odd garden shed! where there is access to water I can bathe your dog. I provide all the salon quality products to suit your dogs needs and the best part is they are all vegan based, tear free and can be used on the most sensitive of skin as they contain no harsh chemicals. I use only the best for your dogs. I do however ask that you provide a towel for your dog, this is to prevent any cross contamination between homes

After your dog has been washed, we will head back to the table to begin the drying stage which consists of blow drying and fluff drying. The blaster is noisy and it can take time for your dog to adjust to this part if they aren't used to being groomed, but no worries we will go at their pace.

Now you dog is all clean and brushed out and we can begin with the fun part - the groom itself.

pads and nails will be clipped and full styling to your requirements carried out.

Once your dog is done and you are delighted its time for a spritz of pawfume and of course a little photoshoot to snap how furbulous your dog now looks.

Sadly the fun is now over, its time to pack down and clean up. Once your home is back to normal its time to whip out that diary and pre book your next appointment, because of course your pup will want to see auntie Kim again and have another pamper.

I do book up months in advance so it is always advised to block book appointments to avoid disappointment